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the peeps

john cathel
managing director-colorist

His artistry as a colorist for over 22 years has earned him a dedicated client base including top commercial work for Ford, Mazda, Chevy, Chrysler, Fiat, United States Postal Service, UPS Store,

U.S. Navy, Pennzoil, Alltel,, JCPenney & Onstar, as well as music videos for the White Stripes, The Romantics, Dead String Brothers,

Pee-Lander Z, Brendan Benson, and Blanche. His dedication to creating beautiful imagery with the latest technology inspired him to start Cathel Color. 

randy lemieux
director of engineering

Randy's expertise in the field of video, film and audio is unsurpassed. With over 30 years under his belt, he is proficient at system design, software/hardware installation and calibration of high-end HD post-production equiptment.

At Cathel Color, he has been able to create a system that combines the most creative visual capabilities with the most efficient workflow and to top it all off, it's mobile.  

chuck klatt

With over 15 years in post production, Chuck's talent as a colorist as earned him a client list which includes commercial work for Ford, Chrysler, May Co, Pier One, GM, Little Caeser's and NASA as well as music videos, short films including episodes for the cult favorite Solid Dudes Kitchen. 

chief snuggle officer

Available upon request, Ellie will eat your leftovers, snuggle next to you, and even wait at the bathroom door for you. Her every waking moment will be devoted to  making you feel wanted and appreciated at every minute. Now there's an experience you don't normally get at the office. 

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