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In January of 2012 Cathel Color Company was launched with the intent to offer a new and varied approach to color-correction.

Seizing the moment in which the technology for color-correction shifted, giving us an opportunity to offer a state of the art color-correction suite any where it is needed. Whether you choose to have us on-set, in your space or in the comforts of our own facility, is up to you.


We are a specialized Color boutique with decades of post-production experience. Not only offering the latest trends in color grading, but also color monitor calibration services utilizing the latest tools & training. Leaving you never having to ask the question, “Why does it look different

on our monitor back at the office”? Our expertise, technology and artistry will help take your project to the next level.

work at
our place
creative studio

Come hang out at our Pleasant Ridge studio. Kick back, have a fantastic cup of joe, and make some beautiful images with the help of 2 top of the line DaVinci resolve systems. .


work at
your place
remote services

Need a full service color grading suite right where you are? No problem.

We'll take our systems to you whether its your office, or on location at the shoot. 


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